Video Production & Motion Graphics

Demo Reel

A combination of the different video and motion graphics projects that I have worked on. Companies and projects are listed below.

Motion Graphics / Graphic Design / Cyber Security Analysis

Cyber Threat Intelligence Network

Cyber Threat Intelligence Network (CTIN) is a cybercrime prevention agency. I have created Motion Graphic intros, developed graphics and logos, website design and cyber security analysis.

Web Design / Graphic Design / Journalist


Crypto-Suite is your number one source for everything crypto. The most current and breaking news in the world of cryptocurrencies. Mining and wallet information as well as in-house created graphic designed shirts, stickers, and more.

Video Production / Graphic Design / Social Media Marketing

Booze Networks

Booze Networks is your one-stop watering hole shop of everything booze related. Multiple shows are hosted with the longest airing and most adored being KLNK 7 News, a monthly booze news vlog. Also, a very active blog with multiple RSS feeds.

Video Production / Graphic Design / Social Media Marketing

WellnessOne Eastgate

Dr. Kobata has a calm soothing presence that enables him to convert even the most vehemently anti-chiropractic person into a complete advocate.

Video Production/ Motion Graphics / Graphic Design

Grey Coast Cross Fit

Josh & Annie are a cute couple that opened up a neighborhood cross fit gym that gained a quick following because of their ability to make working out fun. Recent cross fit video aired on the local news.

Video Production / Motion Graphics / Graphic Design

John Howie Restaurants

The restaurant commissioned a stunning corporate video. The DVD has an added menu functionality that allows the viewer to review important concepts between video segments.

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